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Your Extreme Sport and Hotrod Photos Engraved 9.8Hx7.8Wx0.75 Plaque

Your Extreme Sport and Hotrod Photos Engraved 9.8Hx7.8Wx0.75 Plaque

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Turn Your Action Sports Memories Into Engraved Wood Art With Our Custom Basswood Plaque :

Measuring 9.8 inches high by 7.8 inches wide and 3/4 inches thick, this plaque is designed to capture your adrenaline and sports moments you never want to forget. From dangerous sports like BMX, motocross, and mountain biking to souped up cars and classic hot rods, this plaque is the perfect way to capture the excitement as custom engraved photo plaques.

Whether You just love fast action sports, participate in these extreme hobbies, or want to transform your classic hotrods into hot rod art, we have the solution for your desire to preserve your actionsport and hot rod lifestyle with passion. Are you the best bmx rider? Want to personalize your display of motocross trophies?, or perhaps you are looking for the greatest gifts for MTB riders. In any event that you want to display your memories proudly and uniquely as you are, we have the best way to make your best action photos into personalized action trophies!.

Crafted from premium kiln-dried basswood, this plaque offers a strong, durable surface for your custom sports plaques. Our advanced laser engraving technology ensures every intricate detail is captured, making your plaque as vivid and impactful as the original action packed moment. Regardless of the action sport or style of hot rod lifestyle that you live, from BMX racing, 4 wheeler racing, motocycle endurance racing, or just cruising around town in your souped up custom muscle car; this plaque brings your memories to life as extreme home decor.

Each plaque is unique, with its own natural wood grain and distinct character, giving it a rustic charm that complements your engraved design. The 3/4-inch thickness adds a substantial feel, and the high-quality clear coat finish protects against scratches and wear, ensuring your plaque stays as stunning as the day you receive it.

Display it proudly in your garage, game room, or office, or give it as a special gift to a fellow adrenaline rush sports enthusiast.

Special Action Engraving Bonus:

For a limited time only !!! As a special bonus, you'll receive a free cork coaster with an engraving that matches your action sport or hotrod plaque, so you can bring your extreme sports and hotrod memories to every cup of coffee or glass of water as you start your adrenaline filled day, reminding yourself of just how great your racing, riding, or custom hot rod is!

(Images are display only and engraved from a real photo, you are purchasing an engraving of your supplied photo)   


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