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Custom Number Plate BMX Personalized Engraved Wood Art

Custom Number Plate BMX Personalized Engraved Wood Art

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Custom BMX Number Plates Customized Gifts : 

The BMX racing gift that is thrilling, unique , and personalized for your BMX racer's BMX bedroom. If you have a BMX racing kid in your life it is no secret that they are very passionate about the sport. The old saying "It is not a sport, it is a lifestyle" is a very true statement, that is why we designed and crafted this thrilling idea of combining our laser engraving artwork with your riders photo and name on a hand cut BMX number plate shaped wall decor. We believe their action photos should be displayed in an unique way, just as they are. If they are like most BMX racers they transform their bedroom into  a BMX bedroom. The BMX trophies, awards, and any BMX posters they can get their hands on. Why not give them the BMX gift of personalized engraved wood art that not only inspires and motivates, but commemorates their accomplishments thus far in their pursuit of becoming the best BMX racer. 

For every BMX Number Plate photo engraving sold, $20 will be donated to A USA BMX sanctioned Track.

(The Donation Is pooled together until $100 is reached. Every time $100 is raised, we randomly pick a sanctioned USA BMX track and send them a pre-paid visa gift card that the track can use for anything they need to improve their track. They may also use it as a raffle and raise even more money if they wish.)

  • 9.7" Wide x 6.5" High x 0.5" Thick
  • Hand Crafted
  • Painted For Lasting Quality
  • Free Shipping
  • Pre-cut Mounting Slot
  • Made In The USA
  • High Quality Wood
  • Fast and Secure Checkout
  • Hassle Free Returns or exchanges
  • Fast Turn Around Time (average 1-5 days)
  • Personalized Gift that nobody else has
  • Memories That last A lifetime
  • (Some paint run on the back is possible as these are hand painted)
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